The Shows:



Jack Jackson is a improvised Film Noir mystery show, starring the hard boiled detective Jack Jackson deep in the heart of Dock City Michigan. Set in 1955 Jack takes on an endless medley of criminal organizations and masterminds, meets mostly period accurate celebrities, and solves crimes all to help protect the American dream. But It won't hurt to bust a few commie noggins along the way right kids? Recorded live every month at the CSz Sacramento Theater featuring a new crime and special guest comedian each episode. Tune is as Jack Jackson takes on his toughest case yet!



Off the Dice pulls up a chair with tabletop gamers to chat about subjects that are not always about gaming. Questions may be random and off the mark, but all in the spirit of fun and getting to know one another. Guests can vary from regulars in the tabletop gaming community to other great people who love to game. I mean don’t we all !!! Off the Dice is a Time2Tabletop production. Building community through the language of gaming. Off the Dice is hosted by Scooter Hamilton, creator, producer, game master, and head rockstar of Time2Tabletop, with new episodes dropping every other Friday. So pull up a chair and let’s talk Off the Dice!


Wasting ALL the Time is a weekly improv comedy podcast hosted by Dave, Cody, and Jon. This trio of friends have a blast answering questions from Twitter that weren't directed at them, finding out what ridiculous holiday they should be celebrating, playing improv games, discussing weird news, and a whole lot more. There is no script and no plan, only format. A very efficient waste of time, this podcast is for all who are willing to throw 45 minutes out the window. New episodes drop every Thursday.



Talking Improv explores improv for performance as well as Applied Improvisation utilized for non-performance applications like training, ideation, therapy, and other uses. Episodes include interviews, examination of theory, discussion of games and formats, as well as some fun, improvised segments. Host Chris Crotty is the Founder and Artistic Director of CSz Sacramento, home of ComedySportz as well as other improv shows, classes, and professional training. Chris has performed improv since 1995, when a coworker suggested he take an improv class because she thought he’d like it. Chris has since performed in over 2,000 shows. He does, in fact, like it.



Catch Me Up is a show where host Dave fills the enormous gaps in his pop culture experience. Lots of people have missed an important film or television show, but Dave seems to have missed A LOT and he's tired of living under the proverbial Rock. Every episode, a new guest will introduce Dave to a TV show or film that they think he should get caught up on. After he's seen it, they unpack the experience. New episodes drop first and third Mondays of each month.



Space travel. Laser fights. Mechs. Dark plots. Light plots. Middling...sort of gray/beige plots. Gunpowder Echoes is a 5e sci-fi themed DnD adventure following a few reluctant heroes as they navigate the vast wilds of an untamed galaxy. Will our heroes rise to fame or infamy along their journey? Or will they meet their end at the claws of an unforgiving universe? Join improv comedians Audrey, Jeremy, Kameron, Zee, and their DM Seth biweekly as we find out!